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Cracked glass? Unresponsive touch screen? Flickering? Get your screen repaired at Impression CellTech.

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Does your screen need to be repaired?

Check out some common issues with a broken screen

Lines On Screen?

If your phone displays lines on the screen, start by restarting it and checking for physical damage. If the issue persists, bring it to Impression CellTech for a professional assessment and efficient resolution.

Touch Not Working?

Unresponsive touch can stem from various issues. Ensure your screen is free from dirt or damage. Restart your phone to eliminate temporary glitches. If problems persist, it could be due to a faulty digitizer, software malfunction, or water damage. For a precise diagnosis and resolution, bring your device to Impression CellTech, where our experts can efficiently address the underlying causes and restore full touch functionality.

Brighness Not Working?

If your phone's brightness isn't responding, try restarting and verifying the settings. For persistent issues, visit Impression CellTech, where our experts can quickly identify and address any hardware or software problems affecting brightness control, ensuring your device functions optimally.

Cracked Glass?

If your phone's glass is cracked, act swiftly. Trust Impression CellTech for quick and professional repair services – most phones can be fixed in under 30 minutes. Our skilled technicians will efficiently assess and restore your device's screen, ensuring it's back in optimal condition

Dots in screen?

If you're seeing dots on your phone screen, it may be indicative of several issues. Start by checking for fingerprints or dirt on the screen; clean it gently. If the problem persists, it could be a dead pixel or a hardware issue. For a precise diagnosis and resolution, visit Impression CellTech. Our expert technicians can quickly identify and address the underlying causes, providing efficient solutions to restore your screen's clarity.


Your Screen Reborn

Most of the screens are in stock to be fixed in 30 minutes. We provide fast and reliable service at a reasonable price.