Repair Your Device

Get Your Data Back

Laptop not working? Phone is badly broken? Not repairable or don't want to fix it but want your data back? Get your data back at Impression CellTech.

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What can be recovered?

Check out some common scenario where we can save your data

Broken Laptop?

Even if your laptop is physically damaged and won't power on, Impression CellTech can often retrieve your files from the hard drive or SSD. We can remove the storage device and use specialized equipment to recover your data.

Totally Broken Phone?

If your phone is completely broken and unusable, Impression CellTech can recover your data from the internal storage. This includes retrieving contacts, images, videos, and other important files.

Is it Cheaper to Fix the Device or Get the Data?

In many cases, it may be more cost-effective to recover your data rather than repairing the entire device, especially if the device has extensive damage. Impression CellTech can help you evaluate the best option.

What Can Be Recovered?

In most cases, all important data such as images, videos, contacts, documents, and more can be recovered. Impression CellTech uses advanced techniques to extract your data from damaged devices.

How Long Does It Take?

The time required for data recovery depends on the device and the extent of the damage. A representative from Impression CellTech will assess your device and provide an estimated time for the data recovery process.