Know when to change your battery

Then you might need a battery replacement. Come to Impression CellTech for free diagnostic today.

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Does your battery need to be repaired?

Check out some common issues with a bad battery.

Phone turning off Unexpectedly?

If your phone shuts down unexpectedly, even with battery remaining, it may be a battery issue. Check for software glitches and bring it to Impression CellTech for efficient diagnosis and resolution.

Phone looks swollen?

A swollen phone indicates a battery malfunction. For safety, don't use it and visit Impression CellTech for prompt, professional assistance.

Need to keep it plugged in all the time?

Constantly needing to plug in your device may point to a failing battery or charging port. Try a different cable and outlet, and if the issue persists, consult Impression CellTech for effective solutions.

Common causes for battery issues?

Common causes include aging, excessive usage, and software glitches. Optimize settings and usage, but for persistent problems, seek Impression CellTech's professional assessment and solutions.

Would i be able to check my battery health after repair?

While other shops just replace the battery with non genuine battery and call it a day. Here at Impression CellTech we take extra steps to transfer the setting for battery health and can bring you phone back to 100% battery health.


Power Up, Power On

Most of the batteries are in stock to be fixed in 30 minutes. We provide fast and reliable service at a reasonable price.