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Since 2007, we have been addressing several issues cropping up in your mobile of any model and any make. Our experts’ team checks all the parts of the mobile that require an immediate replacement and the issues of the mobile that need immediate addressing. Our work process is dedicated to the seamless service that we want to offer to our customers.



Broken Screen on Cellphone/Tablet

No mobile device with touch capacity is capable of working properly, if the screen is broken after the device faces a minor accident. Breaking of screen can result in difficulties related to navigation. Impression Cell Tech can solve any screen related issue.


Charging Port

Any problem in the charging port of a mobile can make it very difficult charging the phone or making it operate properly due to charging related issues. Impression CellTech helps you out to solve your phone’s charging problems quite fast.




No matter which SIM your mobile is locked with, you can unlock it by bringing the mobile to us. Our specialist service providers unlock the phone perfectly to make it usable again with other mobile network service providers’ SIM. So, you do not need to confine yourself to one network provider only.



Experienced telecom experts working at Impressions Cell Tech offer you effective advice in choosing the right mobile to purchase that they can get value for the money spent. The experts also assist you in selling a mobile that you do not use anymore.




The large screen of the mobiles of the modern days needs to be protected well for the sake of long usability of the touch screen. The complete body of the mobile also requires protection from damage. Therefore, it is quite important to accessorize the cell with beautiful and strong cases and covers.


Data Recovery Solution

The information stored in a phone can be lost due to many reasons. There can be data loss due to the phone falling into water, breakage, etc. No matter what the reason is, our experts assist you complete data recovery. We also help transferring data from one phone to another.

This is the one stop solution to all your woes related to an old mobile phone. There are several problems that might occur in your old mobile. In some cases, the technical issues happening to the cell phone are simply incorrigible. In such cases, you need to sell your phone off to an entity that can make effective use of it. We welcome you to our world where all sorts of old mobiles with a faulty system have a place. We promise you the best price for your old and dysfunctional mobiles.

After making minor changes to the old mobiles purchased from owners, we sell them off at the most reasonable price. Impressions Cell Tech is the best place for selling your dysfunctional mobiles that cannot work properly unless major changes are made. It is indeed quite difficult for laymen to find out solutions to such mobiles that can make them work as it was working earlier. Therefore, the most viable idea for making the best use of such mobiles is taking them to the experts working in our company.

After getting the faulty mobiles, we make significant changes to the parts of the mobile that are not functioning well. The experienced team of service providers working for the company comprises of some of the certified technicians who can unlock your mobile in seconds to put the SIM of your choice in that. If your phone can recognize the SIM of only one service provider and you want to insert the SIM of another mobile network, you should come to the shop of Impressions Cell Tech.

We also offer you superior quality of service in repairing the mobiles for different issues. Moreover, we can offer the parts in certain cases, when the mobile is in dire need of the change of that part.

I dropped my phone accidentally on the floor of my office elevator. It was not working properly since then. Got to know about Impressions Cell Tech from a colleague and got all the issues inside my cell resolved fast.
Liam Carter
Screen Protector Guard
iPhone Customization
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