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Welcome to Impressions Celltech

We have been successful in business since 2007 because of our POET – Professionalism, Openness, Expertise and Trustworthiness by Passionate, Outstanding and Empathetic Team at CellTech.
We take pride in what we do for our valued customer – that is YOU!.

Being in the repair business since 2007, Out technicians and manager have accumulated wide range of knowledge which helps them to diagnose the cause and problems of our customer defective devices. In addition, it helps us in buying only the best possible products to be installed in your device.
we have been addressing several issues cropping up in your mobile of any model and any make from different reputed companies. Our expert team checks all the parts of the mobile that require an immediate replacement and the issues of the mobile that need immediate addressing. Our work process is dedicated to the seamless service that we want to offer to our customers.
When customer bring their broken cellphone, tablet and laptop for repair, we will provide written estimate repair cost. However, whenever electronic device break the underside of it still unknown until our tech start working on it. If your repair cost exceed then one of our tech will contact you to provide any additional cost. That leaves no surprises for our customer at the Celltech.

All of our technicians regularly supervised by a highly skilled Technical manager to ensure and maintain the quality of the device being repaired to keep up with the latest changes in techniques and technologies.

Being committed to our customers and the whole community, every decision that we make, and every goal that we pursue must be approached with a dedication to ethical business conduct. We believe our customer deserve the very best. The best quality. The best service. And advice you can trust.

Technology Consulting Services:

Celltech is growing and working towards expanding the services provided. In addition to cellphone repair and sales, we offer technology consulting/Information Technology services across the entire product/process life cycle and other professional services to your business.

We offer Information Technology consultant services in the following areas:

  • Product & App development
  • Web Development
  • Application Customization
  • Logo Designing
  • Information Technology Consulting

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