Phone repair and Tablets Repair

We do all kind of phone repair and tablet repairs in Chatham.










In today world Cell phones have become a necessity to keep in touch with family, business associates, and access to emails. In addition, not only receiving and placing phone calls, but also storing data and loved pictures. When Cellphone, laptop or tablet break people do want their device to be fixed right away instead of sending it away for repair and wait for more then a month with no guarantee on their data.
The qualified technician at Impressions Cell Tech are diligent enough to solve all your causes of concern in a very professional manner that the customers come back to the company again and again.
Based on part availability you can expect turn around on any major repair same day or next day most often 1 hour. Simply stop by at the store or give us call and one of our highly qualified tech can assist you.

We Fix Cellphone, Tablet and Laptop on a daily basis at Impression Celltech in Chatham.

• Cracked LCD/Digitizer.
• Unlocking
• Customized Screen color.
• Data Backup/Recovery
• Virus/Software issues
• Charging port.
• Speakers (You can’t hear them, they can’t hear you or loud speaker)
• Physical/Water/Liquid Damage.
• Cosmetic repairs.
• Wholesale part.