Prepare for Shipment

There are specific rules regarding packaging all elements other than the phone, while you plan to send the pack to us for selling or repairing, you should follow certain rules about packing the entire You do not require to include the SD card, SIM card, Charger, Instruction Manual, Stylus or many other accessories with the mobile. The company does not guarantee the return of all these accessories to the owner after solving all issues of the phone. There is no need to send in the mobile in the original box that the device was packed in at the time of purchasing.
The box you send your device in is discarded at the time of solving the issues of the phone. You can choose FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc as the carrier of the devices to the company.

It is advisable to have a proper back-up of all data stored in your mobile as at the time of repairing, the complete data stored there or part of it might be lost. upsPersonal data like, the contact list stored in the phonebook, text messages, pictures, games, ringtones are often lost during the process of repairing the mobile. If you do not have the right means to have the back-up of all possible amounts of data, then you might subscribe to the additional data back-up service offered by our company at an extra cost.


Ship The Device

You receive an order confirmation receipt through emails immediately after subscribing to the service consisting your contact details. It is important to attach a copy of the order confirmation along with the package of phone. If you cannot get a print out, simply write down the order number on a piece of paper and send the complete package to us. You should have a copy of the order confirmation just for your own record that you can refer to it while calling us for any purpose. Always ship your product through a traceable means like, Airborne Express, FedEx, UPS, etc. Our team of service providers is not responsible for any loss or damage of equipments shipped along with the mobile. Your phone will be shipped to you only after insuring it for the complete amount of service charge for the repair process.

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All Cellphone Repairs carry a limited 30 day warranty starting the day which the phone ships from our repair facility. This warranty is limited to the specific repair performed. Liquid damage, Tampering with the phone and abuse voids all warranty.

I dropped my phone accidentally on the floor of my office elevator. It was not working properly since then. Got to know about Impressions Cell Tech from a colleague and got all the issues inside my cell resolved fast.
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